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From: Seventh Sage
Subject: Dragon Riders Chapter 1 Sorrow and darkness filled the city, where it happened to be a
minor earth quake has taken place. People are scattered and still in shock
and surprised of the quick attack on their city. They did not whether they
are free or slaves. How would he have felt, if caravan was attacked. Eragon was tired; he made his way to the tent where beside stayed
Saphira, who was attended by the healers. Saphira being along has changed
his life. Now he is a dragon rider, the only free rider from Galbatorix,
the king of the Empire. Murtagh and his dragon Thorn, who have pledged
against their will to aid Galbatorix in this massive war. And Murtagh happened to be his half brother. The only family left
for him is Roran, his cousin and Roran's wife Katrina. Eragon would dare to
take any risk in order to save them during their trouble times and danger. Eragon's training with elf has been handy with his new sword
Brisingr. Which burns as it name being pronounced. The Elves have supported
him in many ways through his training. Where the entire elves believes
along with their Queen Islanzad� that he could bring a new hope and freedom
from Galbatrorix's rule. Eragon feeling changes has the thought of Elves, Where he
remembered Arya. The Woman he loves. A wired thing it is following for
woman who has lived a century. It never occurred to whether he loved her
for knowledge or anything else. Eragon could not think any more he was too tired. He removed his
armor. He looked at himself in the mirror. Even though he resembles an elf
his brown eyes and golden hair have never changed. He was not muscular but
he was not worthy of sight. He was fairer than any man. His muscles were
well toned because of his training. Yet he felt tired. He knew tomorrow is
going to a big bay in the court's of Nasuada. Nasuada has taken her father
place as the leader of Varden. Whom Eragon has pledged his loyalty.Eragon fell on to the bed which was near the mirror Lolita Toplist Girls and closed his eyes and
fell asleep.THE DREAM Eragon turned around and saw the rising sun which made the sky Lolita Toplist Girls into
reddish orange. He heard a dragon's scream as he turned towards it he saw
Murtagh and Thron. They did not attack him but they stared at him for hope
in Murtagh eyes could be felt by Eragon. He intended to go closer.
Suddenly everything went to dark but he could hear a voice:"Victory is yours for exchange of broken hearts." Eragon opened his eyes it was just a dream. He rolled himself off
the bed and wore up loin shirt and walk out of his tent. He could see
saphira sleeping soundly by the tent. He did not want wake up as it was not
morning yet. Still Lolita Toplist Girls the star remained along with darkness. He walked around the
tents started to Lolita Toplist Girls move to east side of camp. As he reached the two or three
tents he found Angela, the herbalist. Looking through her it could be seen
that she has not slept the night. She was planting some herbs as we have
dispatched our old ones."The day is too early, to start work" Eragon said"It's never too early at a war like this" replied Angela"Yes, indeed I wish it would not long last. Lot of lives have been lots.""It's nothing like killing your own kind" said AngelaEragon nod in agreement. Eragon stayed silently as Angela planted her
herbs. She was done I looked at Eragon and said"Now I need some more, I need get to tent. Do you want to come along?""Thank you, but I want to walk to camps of Carvahall" said Eragon"They have settled further down. And see you around'' replied Angela Eragon went to the direction given by Angela .He could see a small
number of tent settled further down. As he reached near he could see Horst
sitting in a plank. He looked tired but his talents were not wasted. He was
occupied fulltime on his task as a blacksmith. But he seen to worried at
same time. Eragon did not want creep into his mind. Eragon sat next to
Horst."What is in your mind Horst?" asked Eragon"Nothing much, but I want to ask you something?""Go on""It is nothing, if I were in battle in a troop and I find one of my sons
are in danger could I Lolita Toplist Girls
help them""It depends, if you absences do not block or cause harm to your own troop
it's no big deal." replied Eragon."What made you raise such a question?" asked Eragon"This thing happen to Roran, just made pop up this question" replied"What thing happened to Roran" demanded EragonHorst did not want break out Eragon's patience. "It is nothing much. When you left for Beor Mountains Roran was
sent a mission as well. During the mission Roran disobeyed the captain's
order in order to save his troop. When he returned to the camp he was
punished with fifty lashes by Nasuada " said HorstEragon controlled his emotions he did not wanted reveal anything to
Horst. Eragon stood up and said goodbye and made his out of there. Fifty lashes thought Eragon how Nasuada could give an order as
such. Doesn't she know how important Roran and his family were to Eragon?
And for all things he and his family have done to kingdom. She repays by
fifty lashes. Thoughts run by Eragon. Where he ended up walking to the
castle there he found Saphira at the entrance. "What made you think that I
am here?" asked Eragon"You were meant to meet Nasuada in morning don't you remember" replied
Saphira"What is she doing here?" asked Eragon"Nasuada intended to shift here so she could have a better view of city and
the troops" replied saphira Eragon entered the castle the guard in the door identified Eragon
and let him in and pointed at a room where I will be able find Nasuada. As
Eragon entered the room he found it was huge Library were there laid a huge
table that is enough for hundred to sit. On top of the table laid maps and
diagrams which showed flat lands, plateaus and hills. They were examined by
Nasuada's subjects where stayed on front and beside her was Arya. The discussion was basically on moving soldiers front and find
resources to the present short comes. Eragon could not wait any longer his
burden started to increase has he kept his anger inside him. "I seen to be
no use here, if you excuse me my lady" said Eragon wanted leave the castle
soon has possible All of them stood silent and finally Nasuada nod her head
in agreement. Eragon left the room as he passed the entrance of the room he came
a wide window where it pointed at the sea. It caught the sight of
Eragon. He wanted to look further so he moves towards the window and rested
himself on the corner where he rests his shoulder on the wall. Sun has
already risen up. He heard some foot steps behind him Eragon turn his head
in order to see who it is, it was Arya. She Placed herself the opposite
side of the window. Eragon broke the silence,"Were you aware of Roran's punishment for disobeying?""Yes" replied Arya. She finished her answer in a single word."Why didn't you stop it?""Why should I stop it, you know how it's done here Eragon""And that's your answer for Roran has gone through serving this kingdom"Arya stayed in silence Eragon couldn't stand this he left the castle Lolita Toplist Girls as quickly as
possible. He ran to the sea where he felt a warm welcome. And observe the
ocean. He closed his eyes and he spread his mind towards the endless
sea. He felt the living begins inside the ocean and beyond. Lolita Toplist Girls
He felt the living things in the deep water. He was feeling cold
has he reached the deep ocean. Something attracted beyond the waters. He
could not figure it out but it felt good. It means that place is meant for
him. He thought this could be the source of Galbatorix power. Saphira
stayed next to him feeling what he felt. Saphira looked at him and said
Hope on let's have a ride. Eragon smiled and climb over saphira. This felt
good. She knows she is the most beautiful creature with a Lolita Toplist Girls
blazing blue
colour. She was saphira the magnificent. Saphira has never flown over sea. But Eragon could not feel her
fear. He couldn't feel this because she never felt fear. Her heart was
strong. And she believes the world could change if not she will change it. They pass through the ocean Eragon could feel fishes below him
which speard through with full freedom. He thought Lolita Toplist Girls of himself he felt bit
captivated due to Nasuada's pledge. Then suddenly he felt a fish that ran
through high speed. Recalling his memory it was a falton, a fish that stays
along with its own kind. But this one was alone. Alone indeed, he never
thought he was alone Saphira stayed along the with her. Falton was raising
its speed were saphira start increase her. It was a battle. Eragon felt
funny has he been caught in the middle of the Lolita Toplist Girls battle. Falton started to reduce its speed so did saphira Eragon felt a
relief that this minor war has ended. Eragon himself was connected t
saphira's neck as flew speedly. He lifted his upper body a Lolita Toplist Girls
found out that
the falton has found his family and reunited. And he saw a land that stood on his own it was quite smaller from
any he has seen. It seemed to be the mountain's top part is left
over. Oromis the cripple the whole has reminded him these were isolated
Island. Eragon could feel the shield that covers the island. Eragon risked
passing the the shield. Nothing happened he thought it could be weaker
spell or meant to paticular people. Eragon searched for a landing spot he founded out a spot to
land. He landed. The soil was wet has it rained recently. It was mostly
covered with Tall trees and long grass as if there no human
movement. Actually there were no wild animals. Land alleviated has he moved
forward. They started move forward saphira stayed behind Eragon watching
out for any danger. As they moved forward they came across a dead end where they had to
climb over. Eragon choose to walk .If there is anyone in the island they
would detect them if they flew over to examine the island. It could be
highly dangerous. Eragon turned at looked at saphira. She did not like what Eragon
was thinking. Saphira moved neat to end and eragon jumped over saphira and
stood up and started to walk forward. Eragon used her neck to climb over
.At last stood over her head. Saphira did not like the idea at the first
place. She does believe she is the magninicent. Eragon try to find out a grip to hold on he tried but there were
sand and it fell over saphira's face. One open you would be inside eragon
minded her temper and took hold of a root and with a single jump he landed
over the land upside down. He lifted himself up and stayed in shock, it was
red roses The complete land seemed to be full of roses. And he felt has it
was meant to him. The armor of the flower changed his mood he was feeling
weird. He pointed at saphira to hope up. She landed herself and saw this
sight and closed her eyes and spread her wings. She started to fly where
Eragon stopped her from flying. As they heard a voice of a dragon, it was
Thorn. If Thorn is there will be Murtagh. Eragon placed his hand on his
sword. But the roses attempt to change his mood. Eragon moved forward and show an amazing structure. It was similar
to a house glass. But the shape of it was different. It was in the shape of
a pentagon. Glasses were long and were transparent but it was not clear as
a little ruby colour was passing through it. It seemed to be mirror hanging
on one side of the walls where opposite laid a bed; it was as if a group
slept to gather. On top laid Murtagh. Eragon entered the wired glass house it seems as it from
outside. From the inside the roses were showing a magnificent sight. Eragon
turned his sight to Murtagh who was sound asleep. He wore nothing rather
than a loin cloth that covered his upper body. One of leg was bend which
revealed his crack slightly. Eragon moved closer as he examined Murtagh he
felt connected. He felt he belong under his arms. Eragon kept his face near
Murtagh's face which was covered by dark black hair .Eragon tried to move
the hair to see the complete face of Murtagh. Murtagh had clean shave his
fair shin matched his dark eyebrow's and some thing more. Suddenly the eyes
of Murtagh opened. Eragon drew back and pointed the sword at Murtagh. Murtagh stood on
his knee on the bed and bend over to reach his sword. As Murtagh took hold
of the sword it slipped off his hand. Eragon notices there was a scar on
the right hand of Murtagh. Oromis has given a good fight thought
Eragon. But Murtagh face did not show any kind of hatred. It had hope has
he dreamt."You would have had a great pleasure of killing Oromis" Eragon said"The pleasure is mine. I didn't indent to kill Oromis and who is talking
about killing people" said Murtagh"What do you mean?" asked Eragon"You have killed so many and you bother about the old elf" replied Murtagh"The old elf happen to be my tutor""You have killed so many husband, father, brother and son." Said Murtagh"This is how it is done.""So be it. I think your sword has waiting to long. Take my life and let me
in peace." A drop of tear fell from Murtagh's eyes has he said his final
words. And let go of his guards of spells surrounding him. And dropped his
head down has his gaze was over the bed. Eragon entered his mind has he show a small child wanting the love
of his mother. He saw Selena who was mother of both, Eragon and Murtagh
where Murtagh ran towards her before he could he saw blades ond misery
which has Murtagh has born. And he saw Eragon, himself fighting Urgals
where he remained special in the mind of Murtagh. It means Murtagh had
feeling for Eragon. Suddenly Murtagh blocked Lolita Toplist Girls his mind. And Started to move
away of the glass house. Eragon took hold of Murtagh by his shoulder and pushed him into one
of the glass trapping him without moving him.Eragon knew he could not last
long holding Murtagh was bit stronger than Eragon. Eragon looked into the
eyes of Lolita Toplist Girls Murtagh. And took his face near to Murtagh's face kissed his
lips. It was most sensitive thing that Eragon's lips have felt. Murtagh did
not respond quickly he waited in confusion. Finally he let loose of his
self. Eragon entered Murtagh mouth has their tongues played together.Eragon
placed his hand over Murtagh's nipple and started to tease it as their kiss
more passionate. And release his mouth from murtagh and started to move
toward Murtagh's neck and moved down giving a pleasure of lifetime.Eragon felt some water drops over his cheek. Eragon looked up. It was from
Murtagh's eyes it due to happiness.THE SEVENTHSAGE
This Chapter stated with sorrow and
Ended with Happiness. And Still more
To come
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